Each year NHA sponsors several national awards with the winners being chosen from a field of regional award winners. In addition to the Performance Awards, there are also awards which give recognition to individuals who have made significant contributions to the rotary wing community and the goals of the Naval Helicopter Association. The NHA national and regional awards are an important means to recognize outstanding performance within rotary wing aviation.

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Awardee Benefits

Awards Guidelines

Nomination Templates

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NHA National Awardees

Award Winners for CY2017

Award Winners for CY2016

Award Winners for CY2015

Award Winners for CY2014

Award Winners for CY2013


NHA Regional Awardees

Regional Award Winners for CY2018

Regional Award Winners for CY2017

Regional Award Winners for CY2015



Award nominations are for calendar year events (01 Jan - 31 Dec 2019), vice fiscal year.

November 2019 - Naval Message to all rotary commands and letters sent to commanding officers requesting nominations for awards.

31 December 2019 - Award data period closes for CY2018.

20 January 2020 - Nomination packages for all awards must be forwarded to your respective NHA Regional President  (exception of RADM Steven Tomaszeski Squadron Commanding Officer Leadership Award)

10 February 2020 - Nomination packages for RADM Steven Tomaszeski Squadron Commanding Officer Leadership Award must be submitted directly to CDR Mike Silver, National NHA VP for Awards, by ISICs (i.e., USN Commodores, USCG Area/District COs, or USMC MAG COs).

10 February 2020 - Regional Award nominations due to CDR Mike Silver, National NHA VP for Awards.

March 2020 - Naval message released announcing National NHA award winners. National Award winners will be notified by the NHA National Office.


Points of Contact for Award Submissions

NHA Regional Map - NHA Regional Map

National Awards

CDR Mike Silver,USN 
Executive Officer, HSC-21
NHA VP Awards

Regional Awards

Region 1
CDR Brandon C. Hunter, USN
Commanding Officer, HSM-71
Naval Air Station North Island P.O. Box #357055
San Diego, California 92135
(619) 545--7087/(619) 545-7082


Region 2
CDR Justin McCaffee, USN
CDR Patrick Jeck, USN (Ret)
Air Warfare (N98), RM 5D453
2000 Navy Pentagon
Washington, DC 20350
(703) 695-1669
Email CDR Jeck or call (703) 695-2210

Region 3
CDR Teague Laguens, USN
Commanding Officer, HSM-40
P.O. Box 280118
Jacksonville, FL 32228-0118
(904) 270-6332,  extension 228
FAX: (904) 270-5561

Region 4
CAPT Ed Johnson, USN
Commanding Officer, HSC-2
524 A Street
Norfolk, VA 23511-4010
(757) 445-4791

Region 5
CDR Lena Kaman, USN
Commanding Officer, HT-8
NAS Whiting Field
7413 Enterprise Street Suite 101
Milton, FL 32570-6011
(850) 623-7671 or DSN 868-7671

Region 6
CDR Justin Banz, USN
Commanding Officer, HSM-51
NAS Atsugi, Japan
FPO AP 96601-5561
DSN: (315) 264-3317