+NHA Medals for NJROTC and Sea Cadets

The Naval Helicopter Association (NHA) takes pride in offering this medal of distinction for outstanding performance, leadership ability, and patriotism to graduating NJROTC members and provides this service specifically for the end user, individual NJROTC units at high schools around the country. 

For this reason, NHA is not, nor does it intend to be a middleman/wholesaler for the further resale of these medals offered here.

NHA welcomes any NJROTC unit to make use of our service to obtain these medals, but if your needs involve obtaining these medals for resale purposes, please find a different supplier.




Use the form below to order medals for your graduating class!

619 435-7139   [email protected]

Questions about NJROTC Medals

NHA NJROTC  /Sea Cadet Medal Order Form

A certificate of accomplishment is awarded with each medal. Click on the certificate image below to download a word file of the certificate.