Why Join NHA?


  • Now is an exciting time to be part of Naval Helicopter Aviation!
  • Changing global conditions and the development of new peacekeeping and action agendas have emphasized the importance of the helicopter in today’s military structure.
  • The Naval Helicopter Association is your association- it represents the rotary wing community in the Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps.  
  • The helicopter community is the fastest growing segment of Naval Aviation with nearly half of naval air assets directly related to rotary wing.
  • NHA sponsors professional and social functions in six regions and the annual NHA Join-Up/Gulf Coast Fleet Fly-In at NAS Whiting Field and the annual NHA Symposium.  
  • NHA provides quarterly stipends to each region to assist with funding professional and social events.
  • NHA annually sponsors multiple individual, crew, and corporate awards for excellence in rotary wing aviation and maintenance.   
  • NHA publishes  Rotor Review magazine four times a year. The magazine content includes articles and photographs about unit activities, new developments in rotary wing aviation, and special features of professional interest. Squadrons, detachments, corporate sponsors and individuals are encouraged to submit articles for publication. A digital and a paper copy including in your membership. But you have to keep your profile current or your Rotor Review will only come to you in the digital format.
  • NHA Transition Assistance Program (TAP) provides civilian job postings, resume distribution, career expos, and guidelines on how to get started for those moving from active duty to civilian communities.
  • Access to the Member’s Only section of the NHA website including membership directory, community forums, all past digital issues of the Rotor Review, Transition Assistance, and access to the Mentorship Portal. 
  • The NHA Scholarship Fund provides competitive scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. Check the NHA Scholarship website for details on the application process.
  • The NHA Historical Society gathers, preserves and displays all forms of Naval Helicopter History and supports the Rotor Review magazine, USS Midway, and San Diego Air and Space Museums.
  • NHA cannot exist without the support of its members, no matter where they are located.   In fact, membership is even more important when deployed or stationed away from the major geographic helicopter concentration areas.   
  • NHA facilitates communication within and between the naval rotary wing communities.
  • The senior naval leadership has recognized NHA as a very professional group, which fosters camaraderie, esprit, excellence, and fun in performing their mission.
  • Your membership in NHA is a vote of support that strengthens Naval Helicopter Aviation!