Awardee Policy

An NHA Awardee is defined as those persons selected to receive an award from the Naval Helicopter Association on a national level and does not apply to regional winners.

Notification: Upon selection, each National NHA Award Winner should review the Awardee Policy.

Publicity: Award winners will be acknowledged in the Post-Symposium Issue of Rotor Review Magazine.

Transportation: All National NHA Awards are presented at the Annual Symposium. The Awardees are responsible for their own transportation to and from the convention site. Regional Presidents will have detailed information concerning possible military airlift and should ensure priority seating on such.

2024 SECNAV/CNAF Approval Msg Authorizing 2024 NHA Symposium, including expending official funds and travel funds for the symposium

Hotel/Lodging: NHA National Award Winners coming from beyond the Symposium geographic area should be afforded priority for travel on official Navy funded orders to be able to attend the NHA Symposium and receive their award in person.  NHA does not pay for awardees travel expenses, per diem or accommodations. 

Awards Ceremony: NHA Awards for 2024 will be presented throughout the Symposium.. Please see the SOE to determine the day, time and symposium location for the presentation of the specific award.

Symposium Attendance:  All Annual Symposium attendees must be a current NHA Member and pay a Symposium registration fee, unless the award does not require NHA Membership. In those situations, those specific awardees may apply to the NHA Retired Affairs Director, CDR Mike Brattland, USN (Ret.) [email protected]  for instructions and a symposium registration "promo" code which will allow these awardees to waive membership and the symposium fee for themselves and guests. Awards which do not require NHA Membership are listed Guidelines page link below.

Relatives: Relatives and guests are welcome to attend the Annual NHA Awards Ceremony. NHA Awardees as NHA Members may register as many family and guests as they please using normal symposium registration procedures. Guests and relatives do not need to be NHA Members when registered as a guest by a NHA Member, but must pay a symposium registration fee to attend. NHA does not offer awardees, guests or relatives free admission to Symposium and the Awards Ceremony.

Disclaimer: With exception of above listed policy, all other expenses incurred by Awardee are his/her sole responsibility.

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