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All photo and article submissions for Rotor Review should be emailed to a Rotor Review Community Editor (see below), the Editor in Chief or the Managing Editor. You can use snail mail too, our mailing address is: Naval Helicopter Association  ATTN: Rotor Review P.O. Box 180578 Coronado, CA 92178-0578.

Next Issue: Summer 2022 #157 "Lethality through Learning"

Last month, CNO Gilday released an update to the CNO Professional Reading Program. With this release, ADM Gilday emphasized the importance of learning and self-improvement within the Navy.  "A learning mindset," he said, "is essential to accelerating our warfighting advantage. A Navy that learns, adapts, and improves the fastest will be the most successful. Knowledge sharing is essential to creating a learning culture." 

With CNO's words in mind, the theme of RR 157 is "Lethality through Learning." Based on the conversations that took place at this spring's Symposium, it is clear to our staff members that our Rotary Force is currently evolving to meet the demands of a new battlespace. The requirement to adapt to changing environments and missions is a constant in our community and our Navy. This demand requires a learning mindset in our force, now more than ever. If you've got something to say on the topic, please consider submitting a piece of your own to the magazine. The deadline for submissions is 08-Jul-22. 

Rotor Review Editors

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Acceptable Formats for Submission

Articles can be submitted in any current word processing software without any embedded photos or artwork. Please attached as separate files.
Include author and image credit (if any) in the document.

Acceptable Photo and Vector Images file types:
Images must be high resolution files and not embedded in a word document or pdf file. Please send images separately from text.

Acceptable Video file types:
NHA accepts all video file formats.

Media Submission Guidelines

All submissions must abide by the following guidelines:

  • Make sure the media doesn’t display any classified information or material.
  • Make sure there’s no depiction of sensitive actions or personnel.
  • Make sure there’s no “outside” NATOPS maneuvers or actions or said actions that could be perceived as violating procedures.
  • All submissions shall be tasteful and in keeping with good order and discipline of the Navy.
  • All submission should portray the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard and individual unity in the best light.  
  • All sources should be cited and credit given to the original author and/or photographer.
  • Please ensure that your article has been approved/seen by your CO.
Editorial Policy
Rotor Review (ISSN: 1085-9683) is published quarterly by the Naval Helicopter Association, Inc. and is intended to support the goals of the Association, provide a forum for discussion and exchange of information on topics of interest to the naval helicopter community, and keep membership informed of NHA activities. As necessary, the President and the Executive Director of NHA will provide guidance to the Rotor Review Editorial Board to ensure that Rotor Review content continues to support this statement of policy as the Naval Helicopter Association adjusts to the expanding helicopter community.
Articles should be of general interest to the readership and geared toward current Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard affairs, technical advances in the helicopter industry or historical anecdotes. Humor is acceptable...and encouraged.