NHA Regional Award Winners CY2015


Region Sustained Performance Awards Station
  Aircrew Instructor of the Year  
1 AWR1 Ring HSM-41
3 AWR1 Lowther HSMWSL
4 AWS1 Irizarryponce HSCWSL
5 AMT2 Schiessel CG Sector Corpus Christi
6 AET1 Brundage CGAS Kodiak
  Aircrew of the Year (Deployed)  
1 Sideflare 61 HSC-21
3 Slayer 616 HS-11
4 Soco 07 HSC-22
  Aircrew of the Year (Non-deployed)  
1 Firewood 91 NAS Whidbey Island
2 CG Rescue 6033 CGAS Cape Cod
3 CG Rescue 6012 CGAS Elizabeth City
4 Charger 76 HSC-26
6 CG 6032 CGAS Sitka
  Aircrewman of the Year  
 1 AWR1 Tullis  HSC-4
 2  AMT2 Suba  CGAS Cape Cod
 3  AWR1 Nutzmann  HS-11
 4  AWS1 Gionet  HSC-9
 5  AWS2 Ellsworth  HT-18
 6  AWR1 Stevens  HSM-51
   Fleet Instructor Pilot of the Year  
 1  LT Schmidt  HSC-3
 3  LT Schade  HSM-40
 4  LT Dalton  HSCWSL
 5  LCDR Loeb  CGAS Houston
 6  LCDR Lampe  CGAS Borinquen
   Junior Enlisted Maintainer of the Year  
 1  AM2 Busby  HSM-49
 2  AMT2 Hunt  CGAS Atlantic City
 3  AM2 Sweet  HSM-74
 4  AD2 Eder  HSC-22
 5  AMT2 Snider  CGAS New Orleans
 6  PR2 Lindsey  HSM-77
   Maintenance Officer of the Year  
 1  LTJG Houk  HSM-75
 3  LCDR Lembo  HSM-70
 4  LCDR Beaton  HSC-2
 5  CWO2 Dubord  CGAS New Orleans
 6  CWO3 Chin  VMM-262
   Pilot of the Year  
 1  LT Kipper  HSC-21
 2  LT Dukti  CGAS Detroit
 3  LT Crosby  HSM-74
 4  LT Howard  HM-15
 6  LCDR Duvall  HSM-77
   Rescue Swimmer of the Year  
 1  AST2 Harrity  USCG Sector North Bend
 2  AST3 Staph  CGAS Cape Cod
 3  AST1 Cournia  CGAS Clearwater
 4  AWS2 Wallace  HSC-26
 5  AST2 Litchfield  CGAS New Orleans
 6  AST1 Maiva  CGAS Barbers Point
   Senior Enlisted Maintainer of the Year  
 1  AMCS Castaneda  HSC-21
 2  AETC Thomas  CGAS Atlantic City
 3  ADC Blanco  HSM-74
 4  AMC Meyer  HSC-9
 5  AMTC Imperial  CGAS Houston
 6  AEC McCaslin  HSC-25
   Shipboard Helicopter Pilot of the Year  
 1  LT Leverone  USS Boxer
 3  LCDR Bartowitz  USS Iwo Jima
 4  LT Greenstreet  USS Kearsarge
 6  LCDR Bochette  USS Bonhomme Richard
   Training Command Instructor Pilot of the Year  
 5  LT McGunigle  HT-18