Rotor Review

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Current Issue:

RR133 35 Years Rotor Review Issue 133: 35 Years

This issue celebrates 35 years of Rotor Review. RR133 honors Naval helicopter pilots and aircrewmen who have graced the pages of this magazine with articles and photos as well as all those who have served on the Rotor Review Editorial Staff since its inception.





Symposium Issue:

RR132 Symposium 2016 Rotor Review Issue 132: Future of Vertical Lift

Given that 2016 is the final year for production of the MH-60 Sea Hawk, the Spring/Symposium 2016 Issue will focus on what could possibly be the future of vertical lift. The Symposium program is included in this issue.





Last Issue:

RR131 CoverRotor Review Issue 131: Safety First: A Look at Naval Helicopter Aviation Safety

In this issue of Rotor Review we examine the topic of aviation safety. Articles submitted from the fleet include safety updates, lessons learned and best practices.




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