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Rotor Review Issue 126: Crossing Interagency Boundaries: Leveraging Partnerships, Operational Prowess, and the Latest Technology to expand Community Horizons.

More often than not, unit level training requires units to develop war-time scenarios to simulate operations with outside entities such as ground personnel, airborne control units, or a unit’s own air wing or strike group assets.  Most aviators would probably agree that working with actual entities, vice notional assets, brings a new level of value to the event.  The training and operational value of interagency evolutions is certainly high for the individual, but the value extends well beyond the individual crewmembers.  
Units, as a whole, gain experience through lessons learned and by refining Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs).  Furthermore, a unit’s regard amongst the interagency community as a competent, professional, and capable group of warfighters is built upon the work it does with these outside services and agencies.  The hard work of these units, whose operational prowess and technological expertise is put to the test across the globe, also lays the foundation for the naval helicopter community’s improved interagency partnerships worldwide.
Although the aforementioned opportunities are not a new concept to our community, helicopter squadrons fleet-wide are making great strides in the last several months in building professional partnerships, showing off their elite operational capabilities, and employing advanced weapons systems.

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Rotor Review Issue 125: 2nd NHA Annual Photo and Video Contest. 

 This  edition of Rotor Review announced the NHA’s photo and video contest winners! We received a great number of entries into these contests, and all of them were true reflections of what our NHA members are doing in the fleet each and every day. 

From paradrops to SAR training to fire support, these photos and videos are great examples of the hard work our members put into serving our country and representing our organization with pride and honor. The entries were presented to our members and Facebook fans through the Woobox app, and we had an overwhelming amount of participation. Our social media outreach also grew in response to the contest. Thank you for participating in this year’s contest and making it a great success!