Welcome to the NHA website!

For those new to our venue: WELCOME! For those who have been with us for some time, we value your membership and sincerely hope you appreciate the new look. We have both heard your suggestions and worked diligently to incorporate the fresh and inspiring ideas you generously shared with our NHA Enterprise.  
Make no mistake; this is a pivotal moment in time for OUR professional organization.
YOU, our esteemed members, are the very reason this organization exists. We are here to enhance your professional experience and keep you informed on what is happening in your communities. We have made a concerted effort to enhance Fleet interaction in order to keep our organization current and relative. A primary NHA goal is to foster collaboration amongst our naval vertical lift aircraft communities in an effort to speak with one voice, for one purpose. We openly embrace the profound diversity prevalent across our ranks and airframes, as we realize it holds the promise of enhanced NHA influence throughout the Naval Aviation Enterprise. As our membership grows, so will our impact in both traditional and non-traditional forums.   
As the vertical lift component of naval aviation, we will soon find ourselves serving as the largest group of aviators in the armed forces. As such, why should we strive to be anything less than the most powerful professional organization? Why would we not pursue tirelessly the opportunity to rally as many voices together as possible? And from an esprit de corps perspective, why should the other guys have better social events?
We will host the parties, facilitate the events you want to see, educate the community via professional publications and will keep you up to date with what is going on in the private sector. Last, we will do whatever it takes to build our NHA community AND the NHA brand; this is a foundational building block of who we are and serves to define why we exist.  
So that takes us to the here and now. We want to, and NEED to know what you want out of NHA. Please provide us your raw, honest and unfiltered feedback; we vow to absorb and address it. Rest assured you have the ear of more senior officers and senior enlisted than you could even imagine. We encourage you to take advantage of that fact and be an active participant in YOUR professional organization.
If you are a member, take 5 minutes to check out the new site.  Again, we welcome and look forward to seeing your comments.
If you are not a member, please take 5 minutes to join and explore.
Welcome to the new NHA.


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