2019 Gulf Coast Fleet Fly In
NHA Join Up 

There are several ways to support the Gulf Coast Fleet Fly In and NHA Join Up. Below is the most up to date Sponsorship Opportunities. If you would like to sponsor something you do not se eon this list, please contact Linda Vydra at [email protected].

NAVAIR Approved Finger Lights (Membership Drive) 

$     2,000.00 

Gulf Coast Fleet Fly-In / NHA Join-Up Commemorative Patch 

$     3,500.00 



HT-18 Reunion Group 

$     3,000.00 



Maintainer Lunch - (Catered  by Skys Pizza Pie)

 $     1,500.00 

Fleet Aircrew Breakfast (100) - (Catered by Grover T's)

 $     2,000.00 

Golf Beverage Cart 

 $     2,500.00