NHA was founded in 1976 and is incorporated in California as a 501(C)(6) nonprofit professional organization to promote the development and use of naval vertical lift aircraft in the United States Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard; provide a forum whereby persons in these organizations involved with vertical lift aircraft can interact with each other at meetings and conventions; to provide recognition to those persons who have made significant contributions to those purposes. In pursuing these objectives NHA keeps members informed of new developments and accomplishments in vertical lift aircraft.

What NHA Is…

  1. NHA is a 3200+ member organization dedicated to enhancing the professionalism of Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard rotary wing aviation.
  2. NHA membership is U.S. Navy, USMC, Coast Guard helicopter pilots, aircrew, and helicopter maintenance professionals
  3. NHA is retired USN/USMC/USCG/USA helicopter pilots, aircrew, and helicopter maintenance professionals
  4. NHA provides an open forum for discussion concerning naval helicopter professional and career issues.
  5. NHA is a national symposium linking key Navy leaders, operators, planners and industry into a synergistic vision of the future.
  6. NHA is a regional organization. NHA is divided geographically/demographically into five regions providing grass roots control and organization with a national umbrella uniting their individual efforts.
  7. NHA recognizes excellence in naval helicopter operations, tactics and aircraft maintenance. Annually, each region recognizes and selects Navy, Marine, or Coast Guard service members whose distinguished performance merits specific recognition. The regions then funnel their selections to the national organization which in turn selects from the pool of regional winners. NHA is the only organization which specifically recognizes exceptional achievement in rotary wing aviation.
  8. NHA is connecting the present with the future through the awarding of academic scholarships. This year NHA awarded five scholarships for college and a graduate degree scholarship to outstanding students across the country.

What NHA Is Not…

  1. NHA is not a social club, although we do enjoy each other’s company.
  2. NHA is not a sports club, although we have been known to organize sporting events.
  3. NHA is not a lobbying organization, although we are keenly interested in the future of naval vertical lift aviation. As a non-profit professional organization, our charter and the law specifically prohibits lobbying of any kind.

NHA By-Laws

NHA By-laws and Articles of Incorporation

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